Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My New Beauty Obsession~Bodycology Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Bodycology Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is my new obsession! This stuff is perfect for summer and its a great way to show off your beautiful, soft skin in the summer sun. This sugar scrub leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky and with a light scent of vanilla and brown sugar. I'm using Toasted Vanilla Sugar and it smells beautiful.

The sugar scrub is the newest trend that everyone is using to exfoliate your skin and leave it rejuvenated and fresh. The Bodycology Sugar Scrub is enhanced with moisturizing avocado oil and Shea Butter which helps with to leave the skin smooth for hours after use.

I have noticed a huge difference in the way my skin feels and the shine that it leaves. It is perfect for summer to get rid of the built up skin left behind from the products we lather on during the summer and the sun drying out our skin. It diminishes the leftovers and leaves only smooth and shine.

I'm obsessed with this product because now that its summer (skin season), I'm showing off more skin and I can see that it looks different. I can see the shine on my legs out in the sun.

It's very easy to use; just scoop out a small amount and massage gently in circular motion on your skin and then rinse thoroughly. The Shea Butter leaves a moisturizing feel after you rinse but I still use another moisturizer on top of it because of the sun exposure.

Try out this product and let me know what you think of the product. Its not a splurge product, its a steal at around $7 for a 15.5oz tub. It has lasted me a good amount of time and I've been using it daily, which is recommended in the summer, with dry and flaky skin. What is your favorite Sugar Scrub that you have used, or a Sugar Scrub that you want to use and I will try it out and write a review. Happy Summer Ladies! Stay Fabulous & Glam.


  1. It looks great, thank you for your share!

  2. Does it feel smooth or rough on your skin?

  3. Feels a little sandy..not too rough but after you wash it off, your skins feels sooooo soft! Don't even need lotion afterwards and the scent lingers.


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