Friday, June 28, 2013

Lionessumer My Favorite eBay Seller for Antique/Vintage Jewels & Charms~ Bringing Beautiful Sterling Silver & More to Antique Collectors

Summer is my perfect time to go out and find unique antique jewels, charms, and vintage finds. I love searching and discovering a beautiful piece of sterling silver brooch, pendant, ring, etc. that is not only unique but exclusively mine.

Sometimes going out to antique stores and estate sales are not always ideal during summer because of the traveling, summer day trips, BBQ’s, parties, work, etc. So, what I have realized is that I do not need to dig and hunt for my antique vintage jewelry fix; I can do it from the comfort of my own home on eBay! This has opened my eyes to discovering so many pieces that I can never imagine that I would discover in my antique jewelry expedition.

I must share one of my absolute favorite seller on eBay where I have acquired beautiful, stunning, and unique antique vintage jewelry pieces. Most pieces are I look for are sterling silver that comes with patina, giving it that striking antique look and feel to it.

Lionessumer on is the top of my list and the first place I check for jewelry when I am on my quest. This seller has many pieces and sometimes just a few but I always know to check this place first and to pounce fast because these pieces will be gone and when you catch a beautiful piece that you fall in love with, you can’t find it at a different store; it’s unique and most are on-of-a-kind. So, my word of advice, when you find something you fall in love with, don’t let it go because you will regret it.

Lionessumer has antique perfume bottles made out of sterling silver, earrings, brooches, and one of my new favorite collections, sweater pins. I cannot tell you how much I adore this seller. So I want to share with my Peachy Queens that love to hunt and catch a stunning vintage piece from your home to check out Lionessumer from and with $2.50 for shipping and handling; you unquestionably cannot beat that! 

Check out this eBay seller and discover the finds that I have added to my amazing collection that is perfect and makes me uniquely me.

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