Saturday, August 10, 2013

Don't You Just LOVE These Phrase Rings?!?!

One of the newest trends that celebrities have been sporting and trendsetters are these new phrase rings. The ring that says it without you having to say a word. They're fun, cute, and surprisingly not uncomfortable to wear.

They are rings that you can wear casually with any attire or even sport one at a club to say how you feel. Are you HAPPY? Wear your "Happy" phrase ring! Some of these rings are two finger rings or just one finger that can easily be placed on your ring or middle finger to lay across all your fingers with your word of choice. I have seen so many different types of phrases such as Love, Happy, Boss, Cute, Hot, Sexy, Hope, Dream, Yolo, and more. These rings are sometimes a little reminder to have hope, be strong, have love, keep dreaming, and whatever little note that keeps you motivated and keeps you going.

These rings are perfect to add to the rest of your ring bling and stand out from the others. just started carrying a few of the phrase rings in gold tone and in silver tone. All rings are stretchy/adjustable, so you don't have to worry about sizing a specific finger. Check out our line of phrase rings and comment below what you think of them.
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