Monday, February 11, 2013

Victor Richards Interview Coming Soon!

Hey Ladies & Guys too! We are going to have one of the most incredible and legendary bodybuilder Vic Richards interviewed on our blog!
This blog is not only about fashion but about everything that encompasses the human life. We focus on women and girl topics that many and all types of women (and men) can relate too and be inspired. We have focused on topics such as fitness with our amazing Fitness Blogger Kristi D'Arpa, beautiful writings from guest blogger Aly Capps, interviews from fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, and many others. We have been honored to have these wonderful people express their personal knowledge and experiences with us and the world.
In the next coming posts we will have an amazing interview from Victor Richards to add to our long line of great writers and interviews.
Victor Richards has a love for fitness, bodybuilding and overall health. He is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of fitness, health, bodybuilding, training and more. We are tremendously excited to get to ask him some questions on health and fitness as it relates to women and people in general. After the interview if you feel like you need more from him, we will direct you to his website and info so you can work further with him in getting healthy, in-shape, and basically taking the steps in making your life more fulfilling and well rounded. He does fitness and health consultations via e-mail/Skype/phone.
So Ladies (or Guys), what kind of health and fitness questions would you like to know from Victor Richards? Comment below a question that you have about your health or fitness concerns. We will not choose all questions but we may pick some of the best ones. As opposed to some "fitness gurus" out there, he knows what he is talking about and this is very apparent in the photographs of Vic Richards below. Thanks for your comments and input and check back or follow our blog to keep updated.
<3 Peachy Queen

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