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Interview with Katya Moorman from Style Defined NYC Blog

We have had the most amazing opportunity to interview one of the most fabulous bloggers in the history of fashion blogs; Katya Moorman !! From Style Defined NYC; her blog is raw, passionate, and full of New York City fashion that we so adore. Katya Moorman and her AMAZING blog is a very creative and inspirational. She captures the true NYC fashion to the fullest with her words and photography. We are now going to bring you a little more insight to Katya Moorman, the person behind the blog and camera and Style Defined NYC. After you read this…you have to check out her blog!  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of Katya Moorman and Style Defined NYC..
PQ: At what moment in your life did you discover the wonderful world of fashion?
KATYA: I can't remember ever not loving fashion. When I was 3 years old I was very specific about what I wanted to wear. (much to my hippie mom's chagrin!)
PQ: Your blog is absolutely stunning and the pictures are so striking that it makes one stare a little bit longer; when did you start getting into photography?
KATYA: Thank you! I actually didn't start getting into photography until I started the blog 4 years ago –but now it's such a major part of what I do!
PQ: We adore your “Street Style” section of you blog; how common is it to see a person in NYC with such fabulous style that you must stop and take their photo to share?
KATYA: It depends on the day: some days I see 3-4 people on the street and other times none at all. I can see alot of people with amazing style when I go to events and parties though so that's one of my favorite things to do.
PQ: There is a section on your blog called “We Love Kate Moss” (who doesn’t); describe her in three words.
KATYA: iconic, rebel, waif
PQ: Now we know NYC is your city, you were born there and you will probably never leave but what is another place in the world that comes second to you?
KATYA: Tokyo is fantastic. I can completely lose myself there. I haven't been to Shanghai yet but hope to go this year and am excited to compare two totally different Asian cities.
PQ: I know asking who your favorite designer is is like asking who your favorite child is but name only one.
KATYA: You're right it's impossible. But a recent favorite is Tess Giberson.
PQ: What is your favorite month of the year?
KATYA: April. I love Spring. Fall used to be my favorite season but now September is so hot that I'm more feeling Spring
PQ: Tell us another hobby or interest that is not well known on your blog?
KATYA: I like to trade stocks. I'm not a day trader but more of a swing trader –which means you buy and hold a stock for anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.
PQ: What will be the color of 2013?
KATYA: OMG I have no idea! The fashion world is pushing Emerald Green but that is not my color so I refuse to get on board with that one.
PQ: Style Defined NYC is so creative, bold, raw, intricate and dripping with passion in so many different aspects; are you the mastermind behind the whole blog or do you have a team?
KATYA: For the first 3 years it was me and then about a year ago Karen Dunn came on board with some great editorial direction. Then Bobby Webster who will occasionally post from LA and this past February I had a whole team working for fashion week which was quite exciting and a few might be contributing in an ongoing way. At first I was reluctant to have others contribute but on the other hand I love collaboration and as long as people share your vision I think it only makes the work better.
PQ: Do you have more fun dressing for the winter, spring, summer, or fall?
KATYA: Fall - lots of layers
PQ: Do you think hats look good on anyone?
KATYA: I think hats look good on everyone - DEPENDING on the hat.
PQ: What is the most annoying thing (if there is anything) in the fashion industry; such as trends, politics, themes, issues, etc.?
KATYA: That it is really so like high school and everyone wants to get in with the popular kids (popular designers like Marc Jacobs) even if they're less interesting/talented than some others. So many people are just followers and don't think for themselves!
PQ: Do you want to give any shout-outs to some AMAZING NYC restaurants?
KATYA: Not really! My girlfriend is an amazing cook so I don't eat out much!
PQ: Who do you think has more fun blondes, brunettes, redheads, purple hair, green hair, rainbow…etc..?
KATYA: Blondes. There is no doubt in my mind. I know brunettes ala Zooey Deschanel are big now as well as the rainbow coalition on people's heads but the truth is that Blondes always have more fun and deep down everyone knows this which is why there are so many haters.
PQ: What are your thoughts on animal print designs, especially leopard print?
KATYA: I LOVE leopard print. In small doses. The exception being things like the Reva ballet flat in leopard. Animal prints should be bold and basically say I love sex. A preppy ballet flat in leopard print says "I want to be a girl who says I love sex but I don't want you to really believe it" It's too timid!
PQ: What is a word or phrase you overuse?
KATYA: "It's for realz, yo!" -which translates into "I'm serious!" but seems utterly incongruous coming from someone who also says "utterly incongruous"!
PQ: If NYC were an animal which would it be?
KATYA: An afghan hound The temperament of the typical Afghan Hound can be aloof and dignified, but happy and clownish when it's playing. This breed, as is the case with many sighthounds, has a high prey drive and may not get along with small animals. -I don't know if this is New York but definitely New Yorkers!

PQ: What is your favorite flower?
KATYA: Bonzai tree. Lasts way longer than a flower and it's a full size tree for your Barbie's to sit under to avoid sun damage. I also love a good orchid. I mean, who doesn't?

PQ: What is new and upcoming for Katya or Style Defined NYC in 2013?
KATYA: We're doing more "style animations" -which are custom animated GIFs like we did for ODD and 5Preview. Also working on some gallery shows of some of the photography from the site. All this work can also be seen at

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