Monday, April 7, 2014

An Organized Purse = An Organized Life- Review Of Tori Stanied-Glass Handbag

I ordered the Tori Stained-Glass Handbag from Peachy Queen Boutique just a few weeks ago. One of my mottos has always been: An Organized Purse=An Organized Life.

Tori Stained-Glass Handbag

When you are as busy as I am, you realize that you do not have time for tedious tasks, such as digging for pens, keys, or even your credit card in an unorganized, scattered pile of items in your purse. I know I needed a purse that would help me stay both sane and organized.

                So let’s take a look inside my Tori Stained-Glass Handbag! This beautiful, spring-screaming, perfect-sized tote bag has 2 compartments on the inside. One compartment is perfect for thin items such as combs, pens, pencils, and can’t forget a highlighter! The other, slightly larger compartment is great for holding business cards, reward point cards, birth control packs, and gift cards (such as the iTunes gift cards that are displayed in my purse).
          On the opposite side of the 2 compartments, is a larger area that is enclosed by a beautiful, gold zipper. This compartment is where I placed some of my larger, everyday items such as vitamins, a portable cell phone battery, and my Bluetooth. 

My favorite thing about the Tori-Stained Handbag is a tie between the size of the bag and the smooth, velvety tan material inside of the handbag. I find myself gravitating towards this handbag now whenever I am on the way out.

As you can see, the back of this handbag is just as beautiful and crisp-looking as the front. The straps are perfect for hair-clips as well as sanitizers on a clip. I swear by sanitizers on a clip. When it is attached to your purse and always in site you are more likely to sanitize your hands more frequently throughout the day. I started this habit in February of this year. For a woman that recently got over pneumonia this January, let me tell you that it is very important to avoid germs by sanitizing as much as possible. This back zipper of the handbags is great for….KEYS! Never lose your key again when you have this convenient back zipper.

Lastly, be prepared for compliments galore! I recently attended a Women’s Food Service Forum networking event in Dallas, Texas with over 3,000 women! I am not shy, but I must say attending the event along with everyone else that already had cliques, was a little bit overwhelming and nerve-wracking at first. However, I must have received over 50 compliments during that trip over this bag! Those compliments led to conversations. Those conversations led to business card exchanges. Those business card exchanges will one day be partnerships, job opportunities, and future nation-wide friendships. So how will you start to organize your purse, and more importantly, your life? 

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