Monday, April 7, 2014

A New Post From Our Beauty Blogger || Brit's Beauty Corner || High End Beauty at Drugstore Prices

Ladies, are you addicted to beauty? Do you fiend for blush or have a jones for liquid liner? Is it driving a wedge between you and your significant other because he can no longer find room for his stuff in the bathroom? Do you hold funerals for your dearly departed shadow pots and jars of foundation (gone too soon!). Are you at Sephora making life decisions (Laura Mercier vs. gas money)? Are you tired of these endless questions??

If you answered Yes to any of the above, slightly dramatic questions, we share something in common. Like you, I too am a product junkie. I get a rush from buying new lipstick, I have 15 different black mascaras, and I am on a first name basis with practically every employee at the local Ulta, Sephora and MAC stores. Although storage of products is still an issues, I have, however, found a way to feed my "habit" that doesn't strain my finances quite as much.

I know most of you are quite familiar with the usual go-to retailers for your cosmetic needs, but when was the last time you bought from a small business owner? In this article, I will discuss a couple of my new favorite online makeup companies that offer high quality beauty products at unbeatable prices.

The first shop is Befabulosa. This small, female operated makeup company is perfect for both the professional and independent makeup diva. This online store offers a full range of cosmetic products to cover your face, eyes, and lips. The products are very well made, long lasting and contain quality pigment. You will find pallets for some of the shadows and concealers, which is great for a busy makeup artist who doesn't have time to dig through individual pots. There are several different lip formulas to choose from, and I also appreciate the fun and creative names given to the shades. There are often sales on the site, especially during the holidays, so you will always enjoy excellent prices. Like their slogan encourages, "Befabulosa - WhyBeOrdinaria" so head over to today!

The second company I have ordered quite a bit of product from is First discovering them on an Etsy binge over the holidays, I was even more blown away when I found out what their home store page had to offer. This company sells all natural bath and beauty products at prices I couldn't believe. They have three different price levels for their highly pigmented lip cream made with coconut oils and color dyes. There are mineral eyeshadows, perfumes, skin care, soaps - you name it & they've probably got it! I am a personal fan of their matching lipcream, lipgloss and eyeshadow combos. These products are also very sensitive skin friendly to sensitive skin without compromising on color or variety. It is definitely another small business worth checking out!

There are so many small beauty companies out there that are just as good, if not better, than the big name brands out on the market. You also have the added benefit of being able to take your questions directly to the business owners themselves in most cases, rather than being stuck on hold forever only to be connected to some rude person that knows nothing about what they are selling. Just like the quality shopping experience that you know you can expect here at Peachy Queen Boutique, I am very confident to state that the same can be said when giving your business to the above referenced companies. I don't know about you, but it's always comforting for me to know that my hard earned dollars are not only going on a quality product, but that my business is truly appreciated.

As always, keep adorning that beautiful secret person of the heart and I wish you a very happy shopping experience!


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