Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shoplately Interview! Check Them Out!!

We are obsessing on this website where we can look through many different boutiques all in one place! All boutiques in one place with Sale Events is our kind of shopping experience. We would like to get to know ShopLately a little more and we appreciate taking the time to let our readers in on this AWESOME site and what it has to offer; so let's get started with the interview. 

PQB: We love that we can browse through many different boutiques all in one place! How many boutiques are on ShopLately?
SL: We are so glad to hear that you love our growing boutiques! Currently we have 276 featured boutiques ranging from independent sellers to big label brands.
PQB: What are the Sale Events that you guys have everyday?
SL: Sale events are limited time deals which ShopLately sellers host. These events offer a variety of products for reduced price between 3-5 days. We showcase new events daily, so there will always be a new goodie at a great price everyday!
PQB: What does the heart do above each picture of an item?
SL: A heart above an item allows you to favorite that item. Items that you favorite or heart will show in your followers feed. It's a social feature like Pinterest but more fashion focused.
PQB: How long has this website been around where we can shop so many hot and trendy boutiques in one place?
SL: We are a fairly new business and have been opened for 2 years now.
PQB: So, you can invite friends and earn money?
SL:  Yes!
PQB: What do you guys stand for?
SL: ShopLately stands for the best place to shop and sell Women's fashion. We like to consider ourselves as a fashionista's playground.
PQB: Describe ShopLately in three words
SL: Addictive || shopping || experience
PQB: What do you feel like the trend of the season is this winter 2013?
SL: We are loving winter florals, colorblocking and faux furs for this Winter 2013.
PQB: Do you guys have a blog where we can follow up with the latest trends and fashion?
SL: Yes we have a Tumblr blog where we post all of our trends, inspiration and overall fun fashion pictures. Check it out here:
PQB: How can we reach out and follow ShopLately on social media?


Thank you very much to Shoplately to get a little inside to the website and how it works! We love Shoplately and you will too!! Take a look today to find the latest trends in fashion.

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