Sunday, December 15, 2013

A DIY Lip Exfoliator From ModCloth That We Are In LOVE With!

Simply mix, apply to lips in a circular motion, and wipe this tasty concoction off with a tissue for completely kissable lips. Easy as pie, right? Well, it’s surely as sweet! Shana and Elizabeth of Fox & Doll Makeup shared this delectable DIY with us, so you can learn how-to prep your pout before applying the lip colors you love.
Shana popped into ModCloth’s San Francisco office to teach us Lip Care 101:

Why exfoliate your lips?
It’s going to make lipstick go on with a nice smooth and even texture. Exfoliating the top layer of the skin before applying lipstick exposes a new soft surface, and it hydrates at the same time. Exfoliating now, as we head into cooler months, is especially important because your skin tends to be drier during the winter.

Is natural always better?
Nothing beats mixing something special at home, but it depends on the person and the products they use. Folks can have different reactions to different ingredients, even if they’re natural. There are some great synthetic ingredients out there that are not irritating and non-clogging, though — you just have to choose a product line that uses reputably sourced ingredients. Also, when making your own concoctions, remember that they don’t last as long since they lack preservatives, so make small batches, and note smell and texture.

Any more tips for keeping ‘em kissable throughout the year?
Keep a hydrating lip balm by your bed at night and put it on right before you go to sleep. Look for something non-petroleum based. Shea butter- or cocoa butter-based is your best bet. Also, whenever you find a product you like that has SPF in it, go for it! It can be a tough thing to find, but fortunately, just putting color on your lips blocks the sun a bit by itself. Think of red lipstick as a semi-block from the sun!


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