Saturday, August 24, 2013

Introducing Our New Beauty Blogger~Welcome to Brit's Corner: Beauty Blog

Hello and welcome to “Brit’s Corner” beauty blog for! I am so very honored to have the opportunity to share some of my makeup and beauty knowledge with you all and to work with the PQ team. To give you a little background on myself; I am a professional makeup artist who has spent the past decade working in all aspects of makeup artistry. From film to theater, special events to fashion – you name it, and I’ve probably played a role in that industry at one time or another.

For my inaugural blog, I have decided to start with a step by step tutorial on achieving the perfect “lippie” (or lip color application for the beauty slang challenged LOL) Let’s get started!

Step 1) PREP: Just like any other part of your face, your lips need to be prepped for makeup. To start with kissable soft lips, you will first want to exfoliate them to remove any dry skin so that your lip color will go on smoothly. There are many different kinds lip exfoliators available from various cosmetic lines, however if you don’t have one it’s very simple to do it with what you already have at home. Take a lip balm and apply it to your lips and let it sit for a few minutes to soften the skin. Then use a damp washcloth and gently rub away the dry skin. After you do this, apply a little more lip balm and you’re good to go. *Products used: Nivea lip balm*

Step 2) PRIME: This step will neutralize your natural lip color, allowing you to start from a blank canvas. First, take a tiny dab of your foundation color or a concealer and dab it onto your lips. Next, take a little translucent setting powder and pat onto your lips. You now have neutral lips. *Products used: MAC Cosmetics Matchmaster Foundation in 7.5 and MAC Setting Powder*

Step 3) DEFINE: Now, let’s start defining our lip line.
  • 3a) Line the “bow” of your lips (or create one if you don’t have the bow you’d like) and the bottom center with a lip liner of your choice.
  • 3b) Next, connect your lines so that you have completely outlined your mouth
  • 3c) Finally, feather out the lip line to make it less harsh and/or fill in the rest of your lip with lip pencil. *Products used: MAC Lip Pencil in Nightmoth*

Step 4) LIP COLOR: Choose a lipstick or crème that you like and apply to entire mouth.
*Products used MAC lipstick in Dark Side*

Step 5) OPTIONS: If you are happy with a satin finish, at you can move on to step 6. However, if you wish to achieve a different finish or type of lip, you can use the following tips.
  • Option a) For a matte finish, apply a bit of translucent powder over finished lips *Product: MAC Setting Powder*
  • Options b) To create “pouty” lips apply some clear gloss and/or a pearlescent shadow or liquid to center of top and bottom lip. Product: MAC Lustre Drops*   


Step 6) CARVE IT OUT: To make your lips really stand out, you can “carve out” your lip line. Take a small lip brush and dip into a concealer shade. Very carefully trace the line of your lips. This will not only make your lips stand out, but it will also help to clean up any coloring outside of the lines. *Products used: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC45*

I sincerely hope that you have found this lip tutorial to be helpful. Questions or comments can be directed to me via the following:

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