Thursday, August 15, 2013

Interview With The Legenday Victor Richards

Hey Ladies & Guys too! We have had the opportunity to interview one of the most incredible and legendary bodybuilders Victor Richards. 

Victor Richards has a love for fitness, bodybuilding and overall health. He is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of fitness, health, bodybuilding, training and more. We are tremendously excited to get to ask him some questions on health and fitness as it relates to women and people in general. After reading the interview, if you feel like you need more, then you can get in touch with him to have him help you directly to work with him in getting healthy, in-shape, and basically taking the steps in making your life more fulfilling and well rounded. He does fitness and health consultations via e-mail/Skype/phone.

So Ladies (and Guys), Here is our interview with Victor Richards; please feel free to leave comments below or reach out to Victor Richards himself for all you fitness goals and needs. Thank you again Vic Richards for taking the time to ask a few questions!

PQ: Are there certain exercises that women shouldn't do because they may not complement a female’s physique?

VR: When doing biceps, be careful when doing dumbbell curls so that you don't twist the forearm, otherwise, you'll risk having Popeye arms. Use moderate weights to maintain femininity.

PQ: What are some exercises that are good for the legs and butt?

VR: Definitely squats. Forget all the Zumba frenzy. Squats will quicken your metabolism, while also giving you a firm butt and strong legs. You can also use your own body weight to do sumo squats: spread legs slightly wider than shoulders, toes pointed out, posture is as straight as possible, gently come all the way down. Not only will this tighten your inner thighs, it will firm up the buttocks while achieving flexibility. Lunges should be incorporated alternating legs.

PQ: What do you suggest the recommend amount of cardio for a women each week, for health benefits?

VR: Nothing less than 30 mins. every day. Keeping in mind that it takes 15 to ­20 minutes to start burning calories.

PQ: If I would like to do a Figure or Bikini competition, how many weeks out do you suggest to start getting ready?

VR: It all depends on what kind of shape you are in, your body fat, how long you've been training. It could take 3 to ­6 months. For some, it might take a year.

PQ: In your opinion, what are the best sources of protein?

VR: Fish, egg whites and chicken. I left some plant proteins out because while they may be high in protein, they lack essential amino acids that makes a complete protein.

PQ: Do you do personal one on one training via internet, phone, or in ­person for general fitness, weight ­loss, Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding, or Bikini consultations?

VR: I do all that. Since I am in demand internationally, consultation is done via Skype, email, text and phone. I have trained everyone from the couch potato who has never trained before to competitors in fitness competitions. What I do is a blessing because I am able to do more than just physical transformations. By focusing on holistic fitness strategies, my students can achieve balance in their lives.


  1. Super cool gonna take some of these advice

  2. In the last paragraph, in response to the question of how he became one of the biggest ever, he conveniently left out the industrial-sized quantities of growth hormones, anabolic steroids, insulin, and year-round testosterone agents he depended on for his size and conditioning (which wasn't that great, hence his never competing). Bodybuilding isn't about "spirituality" or "mind", it's about taking a freight container of drugs, eating at a caloric surplus, and lifting medium-heavy weights to failure. Genetics cover the other 20%. This guy's more full of himself than a flesh-eating zombie on a deserted island.

    If you want an equally candid and brutal exposé of the IFBB in particular and competitive bodybuilding in general, consult Nasser el Sonbaty's interviews with's writers from 2006 onward. He names names, admits the fact and extent of his performance-enhancing drug use, and unlike Vic Richards had over 50 professional contests under his belt. The recent photos of him in the years before his death showed he never quit bodybuilding or the drugs. If anyone ever died for the sport, it was Nasser. Fuck Vic Richards.

    1. You don't know Vic Richards personally, hence you don't know what you are talking about. And Nasser's death was a tragedy. Genetics ratio you speak of differs from person to person and this is sometimes difficult to accept from those who have very poor genetics. How many contest have you done and why are you a troll on a women's fashion blog. If you hate Vic so much then why are you searching for him on the internet. Go read about your hero and leave Vic out of it. And just for your info I knew both personally. Bodybuilders don't owe anyone an explanation of why and what they do in their lives. I am sorry you don't have very good genetics and you hide behind Anonymous name. Bye Troll.


Thanks for you comment!!


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