Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Fitness Girl Kristi is Back with More

Hi loves! So much has happened since I last wrote to you! I went to Vegas for Mr. Olympia, worked the Muscle & Fitness and Flex booth, and took my Sports Nutritionist test, I passed of course!

This is an inside view of what the Olympia Expo looks like BEFORE it is all setup and anyone is let in! I had my meeting with the wonderful ladies & gents from Muscle & Fitness and Flex Magazine the night before the Expo so I got to see this first hand! In case anyone doesn't know what Mr. Olympia is I will briefly explain. It is one of the biggest Bodybuilding Competitions of the year. The top athletes in each category compete for the Olympia title. The Olympia Expo is host to many of the top brands in the fitness industry; such as, Muscle & Fitness and Flex Magazine,, VitaminShoppe, MHP, Universal Nutrition, 6 Pack Fitness, and many many many more! (Nutrishop is one of the top company’s, we just haven't made an appearance at the Olympia yet!) I worked right on that red carpet signing hundreds of people up for the magazines. Some people even asked if they could have their picture taken with ME or just of me, ALONE! I was SO shocked by this because, compared to all of the amazing athletes who were there, I was just a little girl from Jersey, but of course I said YES and had the biggest smile on my face for every picture! I was just so flattered!! The days were definitely long and I never really got used to the time change so sleep was limited! The outfits we were given also shocked me, thank GOD I was in decent shape, because these “outfits” were tiny! Regardless, I rocked them with confidence and had the time of my life! This was my first Olympia and definitely won't be my last! I had such an amazing time and met such wonderful people! It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. It was like Fitness heaven!! :)
 This was my Olympia outfit for the last day of the Expo!

Me & Christian after the last day of the Expo!
It was so amazing having him there to experience it all with me (even though he's been to the Olympia a handful of times!)

A gorgeous picture of the water show in front of the Bellagio when we went out on the Strip.
(more pictures from my journey through the Olympia can be found on my Instagram: KristiDarpa)

Okay so this is what I was SUPER excited to talk to you guys about: my Sports Nutritionist certification! I studied, took the test, AND passed all in the same day! I'm a nut I know, but when I set my heart on something I go after it 100%! I learned so much studying for this test and wanted to share one of the most important things I personally felt every woman needs to know!

I always knew the benefits of protein, but this studying brought my knowledge up to a whole new level. First things first ladies: PROTEIN DOES NOT TURN YOU INTO THE HULK :). The quicker you understand that, the quicker we can get rid of that unwanted body fat, and start toning your muscles! Proteins are the basic structure of all living cells. Realistically we should be consuming 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight on a daily basis. If you are weight training or an athlete you should be consuming 1g of protein per pound of body weight (however, protein requirements depend on the individual & daily activity). Another thing you should know, is that although protein is primarily digested in the small intestine and metabolized by the liver, our muscles are the ones who benefit from the protein the most! When our muscles absorb the protein, we are burning body fat!! WOO HOO! All the while, we are also building lean muscle!! Now let's be realistic, who has time to weigh out their protein every day now-a-days? The average woman works a full time job and takes care of a family, weighing out protein is not really on the top of their To Do list. That's where protein shakes come into play. And I was not always this educated on protein shakes, until we opened up our two Nutrishops!
Ladies, introducing Pro5 HERS! A protein designed JUST for women!

Pro5 Hers is a delicious proprietary blend of proteins so that each protein is broken down and absorbed at a different rate, allowing your body to utilize protein over an extended period of time. It is enriched with all the Essential Amino Acids which are absolutely necessary for increasing and maintaining lean muscle while simultaneously aiding in the elimination of body fat! Pro5 HERS also contains  natural digestive enzymes to improve digestion and assimilation, thus reducing bloating commonly associated with other protein supplements. It also contains essentials to promote hair, skin and nail health! It mixes instantly, tastes WONDERFUL and creamy and actually like the flavor you choose (chocolate or vanilla)! There is NO after taste, lumpiness or chalkiness! Pro5 HERS contains NO aspartame, NO saturated or trans fats and is LOW lactose (does contain milk, soy & egg ingredients). Now for the part that will shock all of you, the supplement facts(per serving): 130 calories/ 1g fat/ 2g carbs/ 1g sugar, 28g of protein!! Uhm, HELLO low carbs, sugar AND calories!! Women have been using this protein for breakfast in the morning when they are running late, for an after workout shake, for a snack during the day (sometimes even as a meal if they are always on the go), and as a before bed snack! All of those times are A-OKAY for a protein shake. And no, you cannot have too much protein (well you can, but that's if you've been consuming protein every day, all day for 70+ years, clearly none of us). Oh, AND it is the perfect protein to add to ANY type of smoothie or shake! Blend it up with some berries, almond milk and ice and you have a healthy, protein-packed smoothie! (For more ideas on how to use this protein, look for me on Instagram: KristiDarpa) Or how about a protein pancake?! A scoop of this with some egg whites, cinnamon, and Stevia with a peanut butter topping is a healthy, protein-packed DELICIOUS breakfast choice!

Full details of each recipe are on my Instagram: KristiDarpa or just comment below if you are interested in the exact recipe and I'll be glad to share!

So, what have we learned today? Protein is our friend, not our hulk enemy, and that we can turn a plain old protein powder into yummy, healthy shakes, snacks or meals! Remember I am available 24/7 so if you have any questions, concerns, comments or SUGGESTIONS for future blogs, please comment below! I'd love to chat with you!! Until next time, stay happy & healthy loves! -Kristi


  1. Guess I need to proof read more!! It should say an athlete should consume 1g of protein PER POUND OF BODY WEIGHT!! Not per pound of body fat! So sorry!!

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