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Women's Fitness Blogger Kristi

Hi Loves! I am so excited to have the opportunity to chat about Women's Fitness on such an amazing Blog! In MY  Blogs I will not only be discussing Fitness, but healthy living and answering any questions you guys may have as well! I am open to all ideas, so in addition to my little blurps of knowledge, please feel free to let me know what YOU would like to read about! Just leave a comment and I will get to work!

So who am I?!

I love fashion almost as much as I love fitness!
Although you can mostly see me rockin' Nike shorts & sneakers with a gym tank, combat boots are my go to accessory no matter what season!

My name is Kristi, I am 23 years old and currently living in the beautiful beach town of Belmar with my boyfriend. I am a manager at Nutrishop, a vitamin & supplement superstore, and an avid gym goer! I used to hit the gym twice a day, but now that I live across from the beach I do my morning cardio along the boardwalk instead of inside on a treadmill! (as the weather gets colder I may be back inside on the treadmill, but for now I'm enjoying the gorgeous breezy weather!) My nightly gym routine is weight training - I love weight training (I'm not a fan of cardio but it's gotta be done)! I'll talk more about my gym routines in another Blog. :)


Shoulders are my FAVORITE muscle to train!

I got into Fitness about 3 years, when I was a junior in college. We had just opened our first Nutrishop and I had become very interested in everything having to do with Fitness. I went to the gym whenever I could up at college and soon became known as “the girl in the gym”! Although I went to the gym maybe 4 days a week, I ate WHATEVER I wanted so I wasn't in the best of shape because we all know “You Can't Out Train A Bad Diet” (maybe a future blog post?!). I had all the best supplements because of Nutrishop so I kept my body healthy, well as healthy as a college girl can be ;). It wasn't until after I graduated that I really learned what I had to do to lose some weight and put on some muscle. I set a goal and have been chasing it ever since. To me, a goal is something that is ever-changing, as I meet my short term goals, my long term goals change into something even bigger and better! I learned how to properly eat healthy and my college weight fell off: short term goal accomplished! I learned how to really target and train each  muscle so I got a little stronger: short term goal accomplished! My goal now is to become more defined and lower my body fat percentage, NOT loose weight. There is a difference. I am on the right path and love seeing progress from my hard work, dedication, and saying no to cupcakes, french toast and pop-tarts! :) My long term goal? To be a healthy, fit, strong ME. Its not something I will ever reach, and say 'okay I'm here, I'm done'. It is something I will reach every day that I make positive, healthy lifestyle choices. This is my LIFESTYLE, therefore I will forever be chasing my long term goals!

I have learned SO much on my journey, and have so much more to learn. Not only about Fitness but about myself. I have completed 2 Tough Mudders with my family right by my side. For those of you who don't know what a Tough Mudder is, it is a 12 mile, 32 obstacle challenge, composed of mud, fire, electric wires, freezing cold water, and so so much more. It is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done! It challenges you physically AND mentally! I have also done a Rugged Maniac with my boyfriend, family and friends! I just like to get muddy ;). I have written many meal plans and workout plans in addition to helping people find the right supplements for their body and goals. In addition to getting muddy, I like to help people too!

From the Rugged Maniac Christian & I did!
One of their photographers captured this moment after we crossed the finish line! <3

In my Blogs I will not only keep you up to date and knowledgeable about anything and everything Fitness related, but I hope to motivate and inspire you to be a healthier YOU through my progress! I will be answering ANY and ALL questions, so fire away!

Talk to you soon loves! Kristi <3

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Instagram: KristiDarpa

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