Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Who Need A Mani? Ok That's $250,000?!?!?!

I love getting my nails done at the salon every two weeks. I bored quite quickly with the color or style and change it up; this can all be a bit pricey sometimes. Going to the nail salon every two-three weeks on top of clothes, hair, and shoes of course; lots of shoes.
But have you guys heard of the mani Kelly Osbourne wore for the Emmy's? Her manicure must have been the best, the best in history because it cost...$250,000! No, I didn't misplace that comma. Her manicure seriously cost 250K.

We need reason why right? Well it is because she is wearing a nail polish by Azature and that little bottle of nail polish is made with 267-carat black diamonds..which now I guess makes sense.

She did look absolutely fabulous and her nails were and sparkly but 250,000 on a manicure, maybe a little crazy. I hope her nails didn't chip after they were done, I hate when that happens!!!!!
 The company that has designed this quarter of a million dollar bottle of nail polish has announced there will be a cheaper version around $25 a bottle with one single diamond; most likely very tiny but hey you can paint diamonds on your nails! They will be available for sale in Fred Segal stores in L.A. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

~Aimee Silva

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