Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Let's Pin On Pinterest!

We love pinning, we are obsessed with pinning to be exact on Pinterest.com Who loves pinning like we do? Its almost addicting, where you are looking at D.I.Y, then its on to home ideas, fashion tips and then somehow you just became obsessed with pictures of cats, then you look at the clock and you don't want to mention how long you have been looking through a catalog of these beautiful, stunning and inspiring pictures.
We have so much fun here at Peachy Queen pinning on Pinterest. We love getting inspiration for our boutique, pinning our own products, looking at dream office pictures and so much more. It can be very relaxing looking through these beautiful pictures after a long day at work. You can learn different recipes, fun holiday ideas or find out how to match your silver skinny jeans. Another great thing about Pinterest is that you can try out all these wonderful DIY ideas that you have been dying to try. Sometimes its difficult to figure out how to do certain things on your own, but when you find a picture on Pinterest that has detailed instructions with pictures on how to make that twisted Tye-dye top, or a bow hair do (like Lady Gaga displayed a couple years back), or how to make yourself some adorable socks for winter time.
Pinterest is like a picture book and you can store your pictures that you find on the internet on to certain categories or boards (as they call it) and go back and flip through your pages for ideas in many different aspects of your life. Whether, you are into fashion, fitness, coffee, make-up, D.I.Y., jewelry, models, designers, shoes, etc., you can find it on Pinterest and if not you can add it for other to Like and to repin on to their own board. It gets a little exciting when someone repins your picture onto their board; just remember to give the person credit for their picture. We share but we give recognition as well.
You have to get an invite to Pinterest if you are not already a member or you can ask for an invite from Pinterest but you have to wait for them to respond. If you want to get invited right away, we can hook you up. Just leave a comment below. Also, when you do sign up or if you already have an account, check out our account and see what Peachy Queen Boutique has been a little obsessed about; P.S. we love Fashion!
Find us http://pinterest.com/pqboutique/
Aimee A. Silva
Founder/Owner of Peachy Queen Boutique

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