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Brit's Beauty Corner|Eye Shadow Primer Review|Brittany McClelland

 Hello and welcome to the Fall season! This is one of my absolute favorite times of year. The weather is finally starting to cool off; shopping is in full effect for a new cold-weather friendly wardrobe; it’s “cuffing season” which means movie nights in with your significant other. What I also enjoy about this time of year is the ability to experiment with bolder makeup looks, since your makeup melting on your face isn’t as big of a concern as it was during Summer. When going for fun, statement eye shadow looks, it’s imperative to start with a good eye shadow base or primer so that the pigments “pop” as much as possible. For this week’s blog, I am reviewing two shadow primers with two different price points, so that no matter what your budget you can get the most out of your favorite eye shadows.
The two primers I am going to discuss are very similar to each other, same color and basic consistency, and of course they both serve the same purpose.   
The first is MAC Cosmetics Prep+Prime Eye in “Medium Dark”

The second primer is NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base in “Skin Tone”

 Fortunately for my divas on a budget, neither one of these products will break the bank; however there is a noticeable difference in their price points – MAC rings up at $19 whereas NYX is only $7! Both of these products do the exact same thing, but there are some key differences worth noting.
Starting with MAC Prep+Prime, I noticed that although it has a creamy consistency, it quickly dries to a powder once applied to the eyelid. The upside to this is that because of the cream to powder properties, it doesn’t transfer or crease as easily once applied. The downside, however, is that since it doesn’t stay as “tacky” or sticky, eye shadow doesn’t stick to the primer as well which I felt lessened the intensity of my shadow color. It did allow the color to pop considerably more than just applying shadow to an unprimed lid and there was no problem with the creasing after wearing for a while.

Next, I tried NYX Eye Shadow Base. This is also a cream primer, but unlike its MAC counterpart, it remains quite creamy and tacky after applying. This allowed the color to really stick and reach a bright intensity. However, it was very easy for the primer to easily transfer to other parts of my eye and it started to crease almost immediately. After wearing for a while, my eyelids took on a “greasy” look and feel. My shadow just didn’t hold up very well for all day use.
After working with both of these products, I found that both had their pros and cons. Overall, I felt the superior product was MAC Prep+Prime. My personal reasons for leaning more towards this product were its staying power and the fact that it didn’t cause my makeup to crease. This is not to say that NYX isn’t a good alternative if budget is a factor. NYX provided the best color boost, however it didn’t hold out until the end of the day. If I were working on a photo shoot and new that I would be changing the models eye shadow frequently, I would go with NYX as it makes your shadow look better and brighter than MAC. If I were working with a bride, however, I would definitely go with MAC as it stands the test of time.
I hope that this review has been helpful to you, my readers. Keep in mind that what was reviewed today is only scratching the surface as there are many other primers out there on the market. This article only serves as a starting point, but I encourage you to experiment and find what works best for you personally. Lastly, just as I reminded you last week – all of the product in the world will only serve as an enhancement. The most beautiful thing we all posses is our hearts; be sure to work on your inner beauty before you focus on the outer!

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