Monday, September 30, 2013

Brit's Beauty Corner|Beauty Review: Shine Like A Celeb

Greetings beauties! This week, I am excited to introduce you to a fabulous new product that I’ve been pampering myself with over the past few days. This amazing new find is a luxurious body cream straight from the United Kingdom, by Shine Like a Celeb. When I happened to come across the @shinelikeaceleb Instagram account, I was immediately impressed with the high quality packaging that their product came in. Their beautiful jars, which are produced in Barcelona, are an accessory in their own right. Classically designed and channeling the feel of old Hollywood glamour, they make a beautiful addition to your vanity. I don’t know about you ladies, but I am a sucker for gorgeous packaging!

At the mailbox about a week later, I tossed aside the bills and went straight for the package with international postage.  I couldn’t wait to see for myself if this product would measure up to the company’s name and I wasn’t disappointed! Upon opening the impressive looking box, I found the jar to be even more beautiful up close and personal than it was in its pictures. When I unscrewed the lid and opened the jar, the delicious fragrance was a welcomed surprise. Smoothing a bit on my hands, I was very happy with how silky soft it made my skin. Last, but certainly not least, my pleasure with this product was made complete when I saw the beautiful glow that my skin took on whenever it came into contact with a light source.

I soon found myself slathered in Diamond Sparkle Cream from head to toe, relishing in the intoxicating fragrance and checking myself out from every angle to see the sheen on my skin. Never let it be said that this girl half-steps anything, when I try something new I go for the gold! During this process of bathing in beauty cream, I learned about another bonus to Shine Like a Celeb’s product – no matter how much you use, it remains subtle. This is a huge plus for someone like me who suffers from habitually dry skin. If you love the product like I do, and I’m sure you will, you will find that you can moisturize your whole body without looking like you just went toe to toe with a family sized tub of glitter.

Once I pulled myself away from every mirror in my house, I took a little more time to read the paperwork that joint brand owner Ali Mustafa included for me to read. I was jazzed to read about the skin-nourishing ingredients that are included in this cream on top of the glitz and glam. It has vitamins A, B, C and E which are all great for restoring collagen, elasticity and reducing the effects of stretch marks. Gals, this is truly a win win in my book, are you sold yet?

After all the compliments on my glowing d├ęcolletage and overall softness of my skin after just 4 days of use, I am a fan for life of this wonderful product. Not only will this be perfect on those special nights out clubbing or on date night, but I will also be using it in my makeup kit to give that celebrity shine to all of my beautiful brides. This is definitely a quality product through and through that I know will not disappoint!

To order Shine Like a Celeb’s “Diamond Sparkle Body Cream” visit their website at You can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter @ShineLikeACeleb and on Facebook at

Stay tuned for my next article ladies, this one will be a tutorial on achieving perfect winged eyeliner. Also, in case you hadn’t noticed due to the fact that you were SO eager to read my latest blog post (lol) Peachy Queen Boutique has some FAB new products for Fall available in their store, so be sure to check them out and gear up for the new season!
Until next time darlings, don’t forget where that true inner glow and beauty comes from!
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