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Brit's Corner Beauty Blog: The Oil Cleansing Method

Before reading this week’s blog please take note of the following: The opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone. I am not a dermatologist and have had no medical training. I am simply speaking as someone who has struggled with many skin issues and is eager to share something that has been immensely beneficial to me.
WARNING: The following images show graphic examples of me without makeup. View at your own risk! LOL!

Salutations beautiful ones! This week’s blog will serve to take a step back and focus on the most important aspect of our makeup/beauty routine – our skin. To achieve beautiful flawless makeup, it is vital that we have the healthiest skin possible. This article will be focusing on cleansing.
Now, if you noticed the title of this blog, you are probably starting to think I am more than a little crazy. Oil AND clean in the same sentence? I must be mad! But, before you demand that the PQB Team have me committed to an asylum, just hear me out, ok?

THE BASICS: The OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) has actually been around for a long time. The reason most have never heard of it is because since we hit puberty, we have been taught that oil is evil and must be destroyed. After all, acne fighting brands have spent billions on advertising to bombard us with this exact message. They would have you believe that the only way to get clear healthy skin is to strip it of all its natural oils through the use of harsh soaps and chemicals. This then leads to our skin overproducing oil, which in turn causes problems with clogged pores causing acne, etc.

To explain how the OCM works in the simplest form, think of it this way: when you go to the beach and pick up tar on your feet, what is the easiest and quickest way to remove it? OIL! As a kid, I would always use a little petroleum jelly or cooking oil, and it came off very easily without a ton of scrubbing. The same principle applies for dislodging the gunk lodged in the pores of your face. Remember; oil cleans oil. However, you don’t just have to take my word. This is what I found on “Fact: oil dissolves oil. One of the most basic principles of chemistry is that ‘like dissolves like’. The best way to dissolve sebum/oils by using another… solvent similar in composition: other oils. By using the right oils, you can cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria naturally, gently and effectively, while replacing the dirty oil with beneficial ones… When done properly the OCM can clear the skin from issues like oily skin, dry skin… blackheads, whiteheads…” etc

TYPES OF OIL: Before you run to the kitchen or medicine cabinet for cooking oil or Vaseline, let’s talk about the right types of oil to use. Depending on what kind of skin you have and the issues you want to address will determine the oils you use. There are many types and combinations out there, but to get you started I will give you a few basic ones that most people use. Some of the more popular oils are as follows: Castor oil, Olive oil, and coconut oil. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to your mixture, but they should be used sparingly. Castor oil is an excellent deep cleansing oil with natural astringent properties that pull out impurities. However, Castor oil should NEVER be used undiluted on the skin! You will want to mix it on a 1:3 ratio with other oils. recommends the following mixtures by skin type:
           For Oily Skin: 1/3 Castor oil and 2/3 Olive oil
·         For Combination Skin: ¼ Castor oil and ¾  Olive oil
·         For Dry Skin: All nourishing oils like Olive oil, or a very small amount of Castor oil added to the nourishing oils

HOW TO: Now that we have discussed the types of oil to use, it’s time to break down the steps:
1.      Without wetting the face (or even without removing makeup), first mix up your oils according to your skin type. Pour about a quarter sized amount into the palm of your hand.
      Next, gently massage oil into skin for 1-2 minutes. You may feel a slight “gritty” feeling as you massage your face, but don’t worry. This is just any clogs being dislodged from your pores.

3.      Take a clean wash cloth and run it under very hot water. Squeeze out any excess water so that it is not dripping.

4.      Take that steaming hot wash cloth, and cover your face. Leave on until it cools. This will steam out further impurities.

5.      Once wash cloth cools, gently press into skin to remove any excess oil that wasn’t completely steamed off.

6.      You’re done! You will likely have a small layer of oil on your face. This is fine and will actually serve as a moisturizer for your skin after cleansing. If you feel like you have removed too much oil and your face feels a little dry, just rub a very small amount of your mixture onto fingertips and pat into your skin.

Well, that’s it dolls. You have just deep cleaned your face without using anything harsh and have likely saved yourself a great deal of money to be applied elsewhere. (I happen to know of a great place to spend that saved cash on awesome accessories – PQB ring a bell? LOL)

As always, I hope you have enjoyed and learned something new from what was shared this week. One last point I would like you all to remember though. Although makeup and products can be a fun enhancement, the most beautiful thing we ALL posses is our heart!

Respectfully yours, Brit M.
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