Monday, June 10, 2013

O-Glow Beauty~Sulema Webb Our Beauty/Make-up Guest Blogger

Sulema Webb is a beautiful, fabulous, make-up artist and Peachy Queen’s newest make-up guest blogger. She will share her AMAZING talent with us in tutorials, pictures, YouTube videos, and any questions that you may have for her. She is based in the city of L.A. and you can contact directly for business inquiries at

We are going to start out by getting to know our new make-up artist guest blogger with an interview from her. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.
Make sure you check her out:
Instagram: oglowbeauty


PQ: Hi Sulema! We are so excited to have you on our blog sharing your amazing talent as a make-up artist! What age did you start to get into make-up?

SW: I’ve loved makeup since I was a kid! I always played in my mom's makeup lol.

PQ: How long have you been a make-up artist?

SW: I been doing makeup for about 5 years now!

PQ: We absolutely love the glam eyes that you feature on your Instagram: oglowbeauty with the different color and themes; what are a few of your favorite make-up brands?

SW: My favorite makeup is Smashbox because that's the makeup i started using! I familiar with like 85% of their products! I used to work for them :)

PQ: What is a make-up tool that you can’t live without?

SW: I can't live without my blending brush! Lol the blending brush is what makes the eyeshadow beautiful!

PQ: I know a lot of ladies have trouble with false eyelashes; is it really that difficult to get right?

SW: I don't use false eyelashes all the time, only for a special look on myself or when a client asks for them! I try to get good lashes because they are easier to manage and apply ;) but I’d say that it's not that hard.

PQ: If someone wants to have you do their make-up for a special event, how can they reach you?

SW: People can reach me on Instagram, Facebook, kik or by emailing me!

Thank you again Sulema! We look forward to your blog posts and your fabulous pictures. Can’t wait for more!

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