Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Introducing Our Newest Guest Blogger Nurse D.

Hello, all I am Nurse D. I am a 25 year old nurse working in an OB/GYN and I am going to write about women’s health and preventative care. I will give you advice, answer any questions the best I can and also write about funny stories from my past experiences. Please ask anything you wish and don't be shy, we are all women and have all been there!!! This is an absolute NO JUDGEMENT ZONE! I am happy to help in any way I can! Be Well and DO YOU! :) ...... Nurse D.

Q.  Being a nurse at an OB/GYN clinic what would you say that women need to pay special attention to for complete women’s health?
A. There are many things to take into consideration for all of our health needs, especially as a woman. I wouldn't label anything in particular to pay specific attention to. We all need to take care of every part of us.

Q. Is it necessary to have a yearly exam or can we have one every couple years?
A. It is necessary to have a yearly exam. OB/GYN's check specific things for us as women that we don’t exactly see ourselves. Our bodies can also change a lot in a years’ time. So yes you should go for your exam every year!

Q. We all heard that we should do our own breast self-exam often but we hear different ways; what is the best way to perform a breast self-exam?
A. There are many different techniques to the self-breast exam. However there is not one that is any better than another. The easiest way I know and use my self is to lie flat on your back with your hand behind your head, using your opposite arm palpate with your fingertips starting at your nipple moving in a circle to the outer of your breast. It is difficult to tell sometimes if you have masses or anything so if you do feel and "lumps" be sure to contact your physician immediately.

Q. What are some key factors in staying healthy for women?
A. Staying healthy is very important to our bodies.... tips to help us as women... Make sure to take your multivitamins as well as calcium and vitamin D in addition. We need these to keep us strong and able to conceive if we chose to. Always stay hydrated. Get your annual checkups and remember.... you are the only one looking out for you! Take care of yourself first!

Q. What are some of the dangers that women should be aware that could compromise our health?
A. There are a few dangers I will mention specifically. First, is breast cancer, always do yourself breast exams and have anything you feel is worrisome checked by your doctor. Second, cervical cancer, there is a cervical cancer screen that women can have done to protect against it. It is called HPV screening and is usually done with your Pap smear test. This is a very important test and can protect you from getting cervical cancer if done regularly.

Q. What message do you want to give to all women out there regarding women’s health?
A. You live in your body, no one else does. No one is going to take care of you more than you. So take time to be a little selfish and make sure you are healthy. Healthy makes us happy!

Q. Do you have any stories of a patient that made you think differently of your own health and the advice you give to other patients?
A. Yes, I have seen women come into my office at young ages with cancer needing major surgeries simply because preventative health care was not sought. These things can be avoided if we do as our doctors say and get the treatment they recommend. No one wants to be in ill health and we don’t have to be!!!

Q. Can we take pre-natal vitamins even if we are not pregnant or breastfeeding?
A. Yes, you can take a pre-natal if you are not pregnant or breast feeding. Actually it is recommended to start pre-natals before you do conceive because there is a higher amount of each vitamin and some other vitamins in pre-natals than in everyday multivitamins.

Q. Is there anything advice you would like to give women?
A. Hey girls, we as women have so much more to go through than men do physically. From getting our periods, to childbirth, to menopause, all of these things takes a toll on our bodies not just over time, but every month, you know during "that time". Again first and fore most ALWAYS take care of you first!!! As long as we do what we can as best we can to ensure we put the least amount of stress on our bodies as possible, we can better handle ourselves. So when you get your period, rest is very important as well as staying hydrated, and taking extra iron that week! Remember also, if you're a little more moody than usual, IT’S OK! We are allowed to be! :)

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