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The Top Fashion Fashion Blogs To Check Out 2013

The Emerald Closet; Fashion Blog & Styling Services is an AMAZING blog that came up with 38 fabulous and the most popular fashion blogs that need to be followed. They give a synopsis on each blog. Check out these fashion blogs and also The Emerald Closet

Our Daily Reads

1. Cupcakes and Cashmere – You might recognize Emily Schuman from the MTV series The Hills. Her blog documents her personal style and interests, which revolve predominantly around fashion, food, and home decor. When it comes down to it, we really appreciate how she’s peeled back the curtain to her life. She doesn’t just write about her interests passively, but uses her personal experiences to tell a story.

2. fashiontoast – Rumi Neely is probably the coolest chick on the Internet. She kind of has that Lady Gaga effect: she could wear a meat dress and still look fierce. She documents her personal style and experiences in the fashion industry with the help of her boyfriend Colin Stokol’s stellar photography skills. And let us tell you: she can make anything look effortlessly cool.

3. Refinery29 – A leader in the fashion news space, Refinery29 documents the fashion industry as a whole, including trends, new products, street style, and more. It even offers personal recommendations for readers, directing them to articles that would be of interest to them.

4. The Sartorialist – Even those who don’t follow fashion blogs have heard of The Sartorialist. Scott Schuman documents street style around the globe. Not only does he have an incredibly discerning eye, but he also takes extraordinary photographs. He has an uncanny ability to capture moments rather than just pictures of people smiling sheepishly at the camera.

Street Style

5. Le 21ème Arrondissement – Adam Sinding started documenting Seattle street style. Now, he lives in NYC and follows street style in the Big Apple and beyond. His photographs are top notch, portraying fashion from a slightly dark and moody perspective. He also takes video of all his style subjects, giving them the opportunity to discuss what they are wearing.

6. All the Pretty Birds – Tamu McPherson photographs “all the pretty birds” across the globe who have impeccable style. Located in Milan, McPherson shoots predominantly young to middle-aged females.

7. Altamira NYC – Ever wonder what models wear when they are off duty? Look no further than Altamira. Craig Arend scouts models during their days off, giving readers an inside look at the world behind the smoke and mirrors of the fashion industry.

8. Face Hunter – Name a city and Yvan Rodic has most likely featured its most fashionable citizens on his blog the Face Hunter. Seriously…where does he find these people? Every single person he photographs is dressed to the nines, and Rodic wouldn’t have it any other way. He has an incredible eye and will only post those worthy to appear on his blog. This means every person brings something extraordinary to his collection of “eye candy for the style hungry.”

9. Hanneli - Ex-model Hanneli Mustaparta wanted a place to express her own voice, so she created a blog to document what she finds inspiring in the world of fashion. She highlights mostly street fashion, but also looks off the runway.

10. Jak & Jil – To Tommy Ton, “every week is fashion week,” and he photographs fashion industry insiders to prove it. His subjects are predominantly fashion editors, who he believes are the real fashion icons (not models). He is brilliant at capturing those hectic moments: editors busily shuffling from fashion show to fashion show or directing models behind the scenes.

11. Street Peeper – If you’re looking for street style organized by city, Street Peeper is for you. Phil covers most major international cities, including NY, Chicago, Miami, San Fransisco and LA in the States.

12. Style Clicker – Based in Munich, style clicker highlights European street style. The images are fabulous, and they tend to highlight individuals who are so posh they could be models.

13. StyleQuotient – Paul Melo isn’t about labels, but style that exudes personality. He captures the essence of stylish souls with his Vancouver street style blog.

14. Style Sightings – Eddie photographs stylish individuals across the globe and always does so with a witty headline.

15. Swagger 360 – Street style blogs tends to focus on the ladies of the world, but Swagger 360 gives a shout out to all the stylish men out there.

16. Trendycrew – Tatel Velásquez and Tomy Pelluz document street style in Barcelona and beyond. An added bonus: they attempt to tell visitors what brands are featured in their photographs.

Personal Style

17. The Cherry Blossom Girl – Alix is as cute as a button. Maybe it’s her feminine personal style that we’ve fallen in love with. Or maybe it’s her bangs. Either way, this French blogger and fashion designer has us hooked.

18. The Clothes Horse – Rebecca takes the lovely red hair of Jane at Sea of Shoes and combines it with the sweetness (and bangs) of Alix at Cherry Blossom Girl. And yes, her personal style is equally as adorable as she is.

19. It’s Symmetrical – We’re slightly obsessed with Chloe Scheffe. She just graduated college and she has a personal style that even the most seasoned fashion expert could envy. Though the majority of her blog showcases her killer ensembles, she also documents street style and interesting Internet finds relating to fashion and graphic design.

20. LOOKBOOK – Ok, LOOKBOOK isn’t technically a blog. But it is a platform for anyone to showcase their personal style. The majority of the users are models, photographers, or bloggers, and there isn’t a day that we don’t browse through LOOKBOOK and mutter, “Why is everyone on this site so fucking cool?”

21. My Edit – Jentine has the sweetest name ever, and her own style and blog content is just as unique as her name. Not only does she showcase her outfits, but she also transforms hideous pieces into fabulous new DIY creations.

22. Sea of Shoes – With her gorgeously fierce red hair and bad-ass personal aesthetic, Jane Aldridge inevitably sticks out in a crowd. We love how she can put an outfit together out of “leave that on the rack” pieces. Oh, and she’s not even of legal drinking age yet. So awesome.

23. Style Bubble – UK-based Susie Bubble has a quirky sense of style, and she shares it with faithful readers through her personal fashion blog. Even better, she actually writes posts, which isn’t common practice among fashion bloggers.

24. The Style Rookie – Tavi Gevinson was only 11 years old when she started blogging. Now, at age 14, she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. She typically highlights her eccentric personal style, but she also writes about her opinion on designer collections and her everyday musings.


25. A CUP OF JO – Joanna is a magazine writer and blogger in NYC whose blog documents her life, with a heavy emphasis on fashion. She is another example of a blogger who has peeled back the curtain to her life, revealing her and her family’s experiences for the world to see.

26. Could I Have That? – Could I Have That features whatever the hell it wants. Food, fashion, decor, music, soap…whatever. What keeps us coming back for more? Her killer personal style and “I’ll-write-about-whatever-I-want” attitude.

27. The Glamourai – We wish we could be half as bad ass as Kelly. Seriously…the outfits she puts together would make anyone else look like a total joke. She has a true gift of mish mashing a TON of different looks and trends into one outfit…and it works. In addition to her looks, she also showcases killer interior design spaces, which are as fun and lively as her personal style.

28. Jenesequa – Melissa Middleton is an inspiration to aspiring fashion bloggers. She quit her cushy corporate job as an accessories buyer to blog full-time about her passions: fashion, food, travel and home decor. We learn something new everyday from Melissa and are excited to read “I don’t know what,” as the French phrase “je ne sai quois” translates.

29. Oh Joy! – Fashion, food and design come together in Joy’s self-titled blog Oh Joy! You never know if you’re going to see a killer style guide or a tantalizing recipe…and honestly, the mystery is what keeps us coming back for more.

Anything and Everything Relating to Fashion

30. Amateur Couture – Similar to our feelings with Wear Pallettes, why the hell didn’t we think of this? Amateur Couture takes a photo of art and finds a fashion photograph that looks identical. Seriously…the similarities of the two seemingly dissimilar images is haunting.

31. Because I’m Addicted – Geri Hirsch is addicted to fashion. We’re addicted to her blog. She presents us a slew of daily fashion inspiration with looks from both the runway and the streets. She’s a curator of all things fashionable and we rely on her to help us incorporate high fashion looks into our own wardrobe.

32. Bryan Boy – If Rumi Neely is the coolest chick on the Internet, Bryan is definitely the coolest dude. Besides documenting his own personal style, Bryan also comments on fashion shows and news. But the real draw of his blog…he wears fur. In excess. He’s awesome.

33. The Emerald Closet – We know, we know. But hear us out. The reason we’ve included ourselves on this list is because we’re trying to add something a little different to the fashion blog world: personal shopping and styling services. Sure, there are stylist services in just about every city, but not many document fashion as a whole. Besides services for local Seattleites, we also offer e-styling services nationwide, including one-on-one consultations and outfit feedback and suggestions for important events. We also hope to roll out our styling parties to other cities in the future. We use our blog as a way to showcase our personal aesthetic, by highlighting what we covet and use on a daily basis. Our goal is to inspire, and that is why we write about everything relating to fashion, from style guides and advice to street style and industry news.

34. Garance Doré – Garance Doré documents the fashion world from a Parisian point of view. What started as a way to showcase her illustrations quickly turned into a full-fledged style blog. From street style to commentary on couture designers, Garance has her finger directly on the pulse of fashion, and as a result, she’s one of the most followed fashion bloggers on the Internet.

35. The Man Repeller – Women wear some really bizarre things in the name of fashion. Leandra Medine shows the world these bizarre things. Welcome to The Man Repeller: a humorous look at the fucked up shit women wear on a daily basis.

36. The Urban Gentleman – Men’s fashion blogs are few and far between, but The Urban Gent keeps the boys in the know about style and grooming through the use of street style, look books, and shopping guides.

37. Vain and Vapid - Even if we hated this blog, we might just put it on our list because it has the sweetest title. Fortunately, we’re totally addicted to the offbeat designer collections this blog highlights. Plus, Vain and Vapid sells its own designs online, demonstrating a true knowledge of fashion and construction.

38. Wear Palettes – Why the hell didn’t we think of this? Wear Palettes syndicates street style photos from LOOKBOOK and Close Up and Private and picks out the different colors that represent the outfit. So simple. So perfect.


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