Saturday, December 15, 2012

A New Post from Our Guest Blogger Aly

There comes a day when we all realize who we are and who we must become. We may not like either, but it's what we must do to be who we who we are meant to be. We get to decide who we want to be and most always we just want to fit in, so we take what society likes about us and we take who we want to be and after a lot of figuring out, we are left with who we are meant to be.
The key is acceptance. You must accept yourself before you will allow others to accept you. If not, you will live a life of constant change that will ultimate be a lie because you will constantly be trying to please everyone except yourself and before you know it, where is your self-worth? Well it’s definitely not where it should be.
So let’s be proud of whom we are and live ourselves for everything we are; out flaws and imperfections, out beauty and brains, all those things that make us unique and beautiful! :) <3

~Aly Marie Capps

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