Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot Designer Inspired Knuckle Clutch Obsession

We absolutely love these new brass knuckle like clutch wallets. Tons of celebrities have been spotted in clubs, red carpets, and even causally wearing these clutches wrapped around their fingers. Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone, and Beyonce have had numerous sightings of this new handbag obsession.
Some designers have their signature with the skulls and spikes, some that actually resemble brass knuckles and some that are jewel encrusted that look like you are holding a clutch with four rings on.

They are very trendy and hot right now; created from designers like Nina Ricci, Marchesa, and of course the wonderful and  Alexander McQueen. What is also great about these fab clutches is that if you're tired of holding it around the fingers, most have a little delicate chain inside that you can just place on your wrist.

Peachy Queen has brought on some designer inspired collections that you'll love. Check out our boutique http://www.peachyqueen.com/ We will be adding more to our collection in the coming weeks with different styles to fit many different occasions.

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  1. Yes, the clutches are really gorgeous, which when taken out by fashioned clad gorgeous women, really enhance their personality and feel them more confident about their outlook.
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