Friday, August 31, 2012

What is your favorite city?

Every city in America has its own feel, style, vibe, and personality. Manhattan feels like another planet compared to Brooklyn. A small dusty town in the Southwest breeds a specific feeling for me that is truly incomparable. The salty sweet taste of the Jersey Shore boardwalk brings back faint memories of the clean fresh Pacific blue waters where the seals sunbathe in the fine grain sand and the temp never reaches over 72 degrees.

I am taking a business trip to Pittsburgh and Philly where again I experience vast differences in all my senses and emotions from another place that is only a few hour drive. There are cities that are nostalgic to me simply for having the best Reuben sandwich or another city for walking down a bustling meat packing district right before a hurricane. What are your favorite cities and the emotions that are generated from that place? Phoenix, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, Las Vegas...  I want to list the top rated cities.

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