Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feature Blogger of the Month 'Trash To Couture' Laura Pifer

Some of our favorite things here at Peachy Queen Boutique; vintage-inspired accessories, black & white photography, Sunday mornings, peach bellinis, and fashion blogs. We love fashion blogs so much that we want to introduce fabulous fashion bloggers to you. We will interview one blogger each month with some questions to get to know the person behind the blog just a little more.

This month we are featuring an extremely talented, creative, and beautiful woman, Laura Pifer. Laura’s blog is called ‘Trash To Couture’; a DIY tutorial blog where she turns, like the title entails, ordinary clothing pieces into unbelievable masterpieces. Table runners into skirts, men’s t-shirt into a chic Dolman top; words do not give justice to this woman’s talent; check it out for yourself http://www.trashtocouture.com/ Our eyes are green with envy over Laura’s skills. You can also follow her on Twitter @Trashtocouture, follow her on Pinterest and more. Let’s get to the interview and make sure you check out her blog so you can see for yourself.

Trash To Couture
Laura Pifer

PQ: Describe your personal style in three words.
LP: Edgy, fashion forward.

PQ: What is your color obsession?
LP: It changes, but I really love the coral color. It looks great on summer skin.

PQ: What inspires your writing and style?
LP: I'm usually inspired by the fabric or item I'm going to reshape. It's usually made up in my mind what it will become...but sometimes it can take a while or I'll change it along the way. 

PQ: What is your main objective of your blog?
LP: Really to inspire others and teach them a few tricks and tips here and there on how to transform and recycle clothing you have in your closet that most would get rid of.

PQ: How long have you been blogging?
LP: A year and a half.

PQ: What is your favorite season?
LP: I love fall and spring.

PQ: What is one fashion trend that you are loving right now?
LP: Denim, vests, tops, ripped, shredded, dyed, studded...endless options.

PQ: Tell us one thing you do besides blogging?
LP: I run track

PQ: What word do you overuse in your blog?
LP: perhaps not a word but...DIY is used a lot.

PQ: Favorite fashion era?
LP: flapper...can't get enough of the beading and fringe.

PQ: If you can only have one fashion accessory; what would it be?
LP: Sunglasses. They're practical and make a good headband.

Thank you so much to Laura Pifer and her fabulous blog; ‘Trash To Couture’. If you would like to be part of our featured blogger, would like to suggest a blog, or some questions, e-mail us at info@peachyqueen.com or just leave a comment below.


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